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NERFA 2018 Nov 8-11 | Annual Four-Day Conference - Program Book Ad




Buy an ad in the program book for the NERFA Conference. This book is truly a keepsake. Those who have come to our previous conferences have commented they use this book throughout the entire year as a reference whenever they need to make a contact.  These ads are especially useful when they contain all of your contact information versus just information about showcases. 

All Program Book Ads must be Camera Ready and in black & white. We have no facilities to prepare your ad if it is not.

Each Ad must be purchased separately.



Website Banner Ad Combo Package Available

NERFA is offering a combo Program Book Ad/Website Banner Ad package. Buy a Program Book Ad at regular prices and receive a substantial discount on a website banner ad.  Website banner ads are normally $55 per month but with a combo pack add-on that price is reduced to $35 per month.  Banner Ads run until the end of the conference.  Click on "Yes" in the Banner Ad Combo question below and a Website Banner Ad item will be added to you NERFA Shopping Cart.  An e-mail explaining how to submit your Website Banner Ad will be sent to you when you complete your order.

NERFA Website Banner Ad Combo Fee

The combo rate is $35 per month. Combo banner ads placed between 09/07/2018 and 10/06/2018 will run up to up to 2 months until the end of the annual NERFA Conference.

  • The current combo fee is $35 per banner ad for up to 2 months.



Program Book Ad Specification:

We can accept ads in these three formats ONLY:
  • 300-dpi TIFF,

  • 300-dpi Hi-Res JPEG,

  •             - or -

  • Pre-press PDF file (with all fonts embedded, and no down sampling on any embedded graphics ... with all embedded graphics at a minimum of 300 dpi).

Anyone unable to submit in one of these three formats needs to contact the program book team at the e-mail address or phone listed below for help and instructions before submitting.



Submission Deadline:

The deadline for black & white camera ready copy is:

  • 2018-10-18



This form covers ONLY the purchase of program book ads. There are separate forms for the Formal, TriCentric, Family/Children's Music, Private and Guerilla Showcases. There are also separate forms for Tabletop Exhibitor, Website Banner Ads, Attendee Registration and Hotel Reservations.




Artist Representative/Agent



Choose Your Ad Size:
Ad Size Folk Alliance Members Non-Members
   Full Page Portrait Orientation [7.25 in. W X 9.75 in. H] $500 $700
   Half Page Landscape Orientation [7.25 in. W X 4.775 in. H] $400 $500
   Half Page Portrait Orientation [3.525 in. W X 9.75 in. H] $400 $500
   Quarter Page Portrait Orientation [3.525 in. W X 4.775 in. H]

$300 $375
   Upgrade from Half Page to Full Page [7.25 in. W X 9.75 in. H] $100 $200
   Upgrade from Qtr Page to Full Page [7.25 in. W X 9.75 in. H] $200 $325
   Upgrade from Qtr to Half Page Portrait [3.525 in. W X 9.75 in. H] $100 $125
   Upgrade from Qtr to Half Page Landscape [7.25 in. W X 4.775 in. H] $100 $125



Website Banner Ad Combo Add-on:

(See "New Website Banner Ad Combo Package Available" section above for details).

Yes No



Please e-mail an electronic copy of your black & white ad artwork to or call Mark Moss on (610) 865-5366 x203.



Click CONTINUE and follow the instructions on the next page to review your entries.


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