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NERFA 2018 Nov 8-11|   Annual Four-Day Conference - Guerrilla Showcase Host Registration



This form is only to register a Guerrilla Showcase if you are HOSTING one in your room. If you are looking for opportunities to PERFORM in a Guerrilla Showcase, please see the Guerrilla Showcase Performance Opportunities page here.

Guerrilla Showcases are held in sleeping rooms on the designated music floor of the hotel, and are held during specific time periods from Thursday to Saturday. There are five Guerrilla Showcase Time Periods available during the NERFA conference: Thursday late-night, Friday afternoon, Friday late-night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday late-night. Each showcase period must be registered separately: 

  • Thursday late-night - 11:00PM to 2:30AM

  • Friday afternoon - 2:00PM to 5:00PM

  • Friday late-night - 11:45PM to 3:00AM

  • Saturday afternoon - 2:00PM to 5:00PM

  • Saturday late-night - 11:45PM to 3:00AM

To help make your selection, check out the WHAT'S HAPPENING WHEN article located in the SCHEDULES menu in the FALL CONFERENCE tab above (when available).

It is important to remember that Guerrilla Showcases may only be in operation during their designated time slots.  No other activity is permitted during the Formal and Tricentric Showcases which are protected.

Guerrilla Showcases are ACOUSTIC ONLY!  NO AMPLIFICATION DEVICES are permitted.  Exemptions to this rule for instruments such as electronic keyboards must be approved on a one-by-one basis.

Guerrilla Showcase rooms are limited! Be sure to register yours early!

Setting up your showcase space within your hotel room is your responsibility.  IT IS ALSO YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RETURN THE HOTEL ROOM TO ITS ORIGINAL CONFIGURATION BEFORE CHECKOUT.

The hotel can provide chairs for your showcase at a nominal fee including delivery.  The "Guerrilla Chair Request" form will be available closer to the start of the event once room numbers are assigned to each showcase.  The list will be published on the website.

This form covers ONLY the Guerrilla Showcase Host Registration.  There are separate forms for the Formal, Tricentric, and Private Showcases.  There are also separate forms for Conference Registration, Tabletop Exhibitor, Website Banner Ads, Folk Alliance Membership and Hotel Reservations.

After you register your Guerrilla Showcase, be sure you also register for the conference and submit a hotel reservation for your Guerrilla Showcase room!  



Guerrilla Showcase Performance Opportunities:

Borrowing an idea from the Far West FAI region, NERFA has created a Guerrilla Showcase Performance Opportunities page that will be maintained and updated daily by NERFA's Guerrilla Keeper.  This article lists ALL registered Guerrilla Showcases, their sponsors, time slots and, if requested, contact information and any other relevant information if the sponsor is looking to fill in their showcase. 

If you have not filled in all of your performance slots in your Guerrilla Showcase, there are several ways of publicizing their availability:

  1. Post your requirements in the NERFA Forum in the Guerrilla Showcases Available sub-forum.  (Requires a NERFA Website User ID).

  2. Post a message on the NERFA Listserv. (You must be preregistered on the Listserv).

  3. Allow your showcase to be listed in the new Guerrilla Showcase Performance Opportunities article.




The registration process is open to everybody but as with all of the showcases at NERFA, everyone appearing in the showcase must be registered for the conference in advance and must be a member of the Folk Alliance International either as an individual or in a group membership.



Showcase Application Fees:

  • A fee of $25 is due for each Guerrilla Showcase Time Period.


Showcase Registration Deadline


Register your Guerrilla Showcase early, since showcase rooms are limited! The deadline for all Guerrilla showcase registrations is:

  • October 1, 2018     11:59 PM Eastern Time

  Contact information of the person filling in this form:


Showcase Contact Person information:

Host Representative / Agent


  Showcase Information:

Yes No


  Showcase Time Period:

Showcase Day and Time Period        
Thursday Late Night - 11:00PM to 2:30AM
Friday Afternoon - 2:00PM to 5:00PM
Friday Late Night - 11:45PM to 3:00AM
Saturday Afternoon - 2:00PM to 5:00PM
Saturday Late Night - 11:45PM to 3:00AM






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