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NERFA 2018 Nov 8-11 | Annual Four-Day Conference - Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase Artist Consideration
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Applications to be considered for the Folk DJ Showcase
are now closed on the NERFA website.


This is an invitation to new and emerging artists who will be attending the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference to participate in the annual NERFA Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

The goal of this showcase is for Folk DJs to introduce to each other NEW or UNKNOWN artists.

If you are an artist, meeting the selection criteria set forth below, and are interested in participating in selection process by the Folk DJs, you must let us know of your interest by August 14, 2018.  Artists must fill out the form below.

ALL interested artists that meet the selection criteria must enter their names on the form below, even if a Folk DJ already promised you his/her nomination.

NOTE: Registering for the showcase is separate from registering for the conference. Artists do not have to be registered for the NERFA conference when putting in their name for a nomination but they must register within a week after they are confirmed as a participant.

Each artist/group will perform 2-3 songs. Time per artist/group will be 10-minutes with a 2-minute set-up time for a total of 12 minutes. (Taking longer than 2-minutes to set up will be deducted from the performance time.) Any artist exceeding the allotted time will have the sound system turned off at precisely 12 minutes.



Selection Guidelines:

Each Folk DJ will choose a *new* artist about whom they are particularly excited, or an artist they are dying to see who they have not seen perform. To be eligible, an artist must not have commercially released (meaning distributed more widely than just at gigs) more than *three* CDs.

Below are the criteria that the judges will use to make their selection.

  • What constitutes a “New Act?”

    • If the Artist performed previously as a Group and is now applying as an individual artist, that is a New Act.

    • If the Artist performed previously as an Individual and is now applying as a Group, that is a New Act ONLY so long as the other artists in the Group are approximately equal and are not simply “back-up musicians” for the artist.

  • DJs are not to inform the people they've been nominated for a Folk DJ Showcase until the NERFA Steering Committee vets the nominations. 

  • Each Folk DJ will nominate a primary and an alternate artist. Depending upon the total number of Folk DJs participating, a number of alternate artists may be drawn from a hat to participate. In the past few years there has been time for about none to three alternates.

  • Folk DJs must be present for their nominees to perform and will introduce the artist(s) they select.

  • Artists may not perform in the Folk DJ showcase if they are performing in the main Formal Showcases or have ever performed in a main Formal Showcase. However, they remain eligible if they are performing in the Semi-Formal Showcases, assuming they have not previously performed in more than one NERFA Semi-Formal Showcase (formally the Quad or Tricentric Showcase). However, in the interest of exposing as many emerging artists as possible to the presenters and DJ's present at the NERFA conference, the NERFA Board urges you to not put your name in for consideration if you have been selected for a semi-formal showcase this year.

  • Artists may not have previously performed in the Folk DJ showcase.



Submission Deadline:

Requests for Artist Considerations must be submitted by :

  • August 14, 2018




Contact Information of Person Completing this Form

Please provide at least one URL link to locations on the Internet where the Folk DJs can listen and/or watch performances by the artist.



Selection Guidelines Agreement:

I have thoroughly read and understand the Selection Guidelines set forth above and confirm that the artist meets the stated guidlines.



Thank you for your Artist Consideration Entry!



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