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What is a Quad Showcase and how do I get one?

NERFA created the Quads when we realized we wanted more slots for showcase artists. These have become very popular with both artists and presenters alike. The Quad Showcases are juried showcases. They start immediately after the Formals on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Four showcases run simultaneously in smaller hotel conference rooms very close to each other. A step-up stage and smaller sound system and lighting systems are provided. There is no sound check for these showcases - only a line check. There are 20 artists each night - 40 total for the weekend. While the Quad Showcases are being presented, no other showcasing or other events are allowed to occur in the hotel. To apply for a Quad Showcase, you will find a form on our website. Fill out the form and follow the submission and deadline instructions.

What is a Guerrilla Showcase and how do I get one?

Guerrilla Showcases are presented after the Quad Showcases are over by the people attending the conference. There is a designated area of hotel rooms - called The Towers - where these showcases occur. They are completely unplugged - NO amplification of any kind is allowed in the Guerrilla rooms. Anyone may host a Guerrilla. If you host, you will pay a small fee which takes care of the printing of your schedule in our program book. You will be assigned a room in the Towers where you will also be staying. You then put together an evening of showcase artists you would like to present. People give out 10, 15 or 20 minute slots - your choice. Some Guerrilla rooms run in the round. You may not take a room and showcase yourself all night. You may run the room as late as you like. Again, it may not start until 11:45

How do I play in someone else's Guerrilla Showcase?

The best way to meet people who are hosting a Guerrilla Showcase is by getting onto our forum and listserv and introducing yourself if you have never before been to NERFA. Give links to your music.

I'm only coming to play at a showcase with a friend or family member. Do I need to register?

Yes. Everyone needs to be registered. Showcasing artists must also be members of the Folk Alliance.

I'm holding a Guerrilla showcase. Can I use a sound system?

No sound systems of any kind are permitted in any of the Guerrilla Showcase Rooms.


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