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Can I volunteer?

Yes, we love volunteers! You may volunteer hours and receive a pay check after the conference that would off-set some of the registration price. You are required to register in advance as well as pay the registration fee in advance.

Can I advertise in the program book even though I am not attending the conference.

Yes, of course. Please check our Program Ad page for rates and details in the Registration Menu (when available).

I'm only coming to hang out with my (wife, husband, son, daughter, significant other, friend, etc.) Do I need to register?

Yes. Everyone needs to be registered.

Is the cost of the hotel the cost for all the the nights, or the cost per night?

It is the cost for both Friday night and Saturday night and includes the meals for the conference.

I'm not interested in seeing the showcase. Can I just register for the hotel?

You must be registered for the conference before you can register for a hotel room.

Does the Quad price mean that each person of the four pays $135 (or whatever it is for your type room)?




Showcase FAQ's

What is a Formal Showcase and how do I get one?

NERFA's Formal Showcases are juried showcases. They take place on the Friday and Saturday nights of the conference. They are held in the large theater in the hotel. Full sound system and lighting are provided. There are 7 chosen performers each night, 14 in total for the weekend. Each performer gets 15 minutes of playing time as well as a sound check the morning or afternoon of their slotted time. While the Formal Showcases are being presented, no other showcasing or other events are allowed to occur in the hotel. To apply for a Formal Showcase, you will find a form on our website. Fill out the form and follow the submission and deadline instructions.

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