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NERFA Hotel Reservation
NERFA 2018 Nov 8-11 | Annual Four-Day Conference - Hotel Reservation
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The 24th annual NERFA conference will be held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stamford CT.

This form covers ONLY the Hotel Reservation for up to four people in ONE room. If you need to reserve multiple rooms, complete additional forms for each room required and add it to the NERFA Shopping Cart.

All people listed as occupants must be registered for the conference -- either in a previously completed transaction or their registrations must be in your shopping cart before completing this form.

All registration and hotel deposit fees must be paid by either credit card or funds from your PayPal account in order for your hotel room to be guaranteed. If there are fees outstanding for any of the occupants listed in the hotel reservation, the deposit money for your requested room will NOT be forwarded to the hotel.

There are two ways to use this form:

  1. Reserve a hotel room for up to four NERFA registrants.  Connecticut law prohibits no more than four people in a hotel room.  They must not have been part of a previous hotel reservation transaction. Select the "New Reservation" button in the section below.

  2. Add up to three people to an existing hotel reservation.  No more than four people can share a room.  You need to know the exact name of the occupant used in the previous hotel reservation. This person needs to have been listed as a room occupant - not the contact person filling out the previous form (unless they are one in the same).  Select the "Add-on Reservation" button in the section below.

The prices listed below are the base prices charged by the hotel depending upon room type, total number of occupants and number of days.  Each person staying in the room will have an individual hotel account.  Taxes and other room charges incurred will be added to your account.  and settled at check-out time.  NERFA collects a $100 deposit for a single-person reservation.  If two, three or four people are listed in a NEW reservation then every occupant is required to make a $50 deposit.  Only a single person NEW reservation is required to place a $100 deposit on their room.  Each Occupant in an ADD-ON reservation places a $50 deposit.  NERFA transfers the amount as a credit to the individual's hotel room account.

In prior years, all of the Community Meals were included in your hotel room charges.  This year, NERFA has included both the Friday and Saturday evening meals as part of your conference registration.  The remaining meals may be reserved a la carte online on the NERFA Website.

Once you have completed and paid this hotel reservation, please go to the "Reserve Additional Community Meals" menu item in the Fall Conference tab above to select and reserve your additional community meals.  The hotel will contact you for payment.

Reservation Procedure:

  • Enter the contact information of the person making this reservation,
  • Select whether this is a new reservation or if you are adding onto an existing one,
  • If you are adding on, you must enter the exact spelling of the first and last name of one of the occupants listed in the first completed reservation transaction.
  • Enter the first and last names of all people that will share the room together or are being added on to an existing room.  Select their arrival day.
  • Select the room type - Showcase, Late Night jamming or Quiet,
  • Enter any special needs or requirements,
  • Hit the CONTINUE button and a summary review page will be presented before adding to your NERFA shopping cart.
  • If changes are needed, you will be able to go back to this form and make corrections.

The Website will verify that everyone is registered for the Conference. It will also check to make sure that the occupant has not already placed a hotel deposit for a room.  For Add-on Reservations, It will also validate that the total number of occupants has not been exceeded.  You will only be able to add the reservation and deposits to your shopping cart if validation is successful.

Hotel Reservation Fees:

Rates are per person for either two nights (Friday and Saturday) or three nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). 15% CT state and local tax will be added to your final bill. The final rate per person will be based upon the total number of occupants in the room. 

The hotels accept cash and credit cards only - personal checks cannot be used for your hotel bill settlement.

NERFA collects a $100 deposit for a single-person reservation.  If two, three or four people are listed in a NEW reservation then every occupant is required to make a $50 deposit.  Only a single person NEW reservation is required to place a $100 deposit on their room.  Each Occupant in an ADD-ON reservation places a $50 deposit.  NERFA transfers the amount as a credit to the individual's hotel room account.

There are separate forms for Conference Registration and Guerrilla Showcases. Please remember, starting this year, the Friday and Saturday evening meals are included with your conference registration.  Additional community meals MUST be ordered in advance.


  Contact information of the person filling in this form:

  Reservation Type:

Select if this is a new reservation or whether you are adding to an existing hotel reservation:

New reservation - Create a new reservation with up to four occupants NOT in a hotel room reservation.

Add-on Reservation - Add on up to three occupants to an already completed reservation
Add-on to an existing hotel reservation. Please enter the EXACT FIRST and LAST NAME of ANY one of the occupants in a previously completed hotel reservation.

First Name:     Last Name:

  Room Occupants:

If this is a NEW reservation, enter the names of up to four individuals. Any combination of adults and children may be entered but no more than four total.  The contact person's first and last names have been copied automatically into the first reservation position.  Type over the name if necessary.

If this is an add-on reservation, no more than THREE names can be entered.  Do NOT include previously registered occupants - only new occupants to be added on.

Enter the names of all of the room occupants that will be in this room.  Include yourself if applicable. Select their arrival day.

Exact First Name
from registration form
Exact Last Name
from registration form
Arrival Day
Thursday  Friday 
Thursday  Friday 
Thursday  Friday 
Thursday  Friday 

  Select Room Choice:

How can you get one of the bigger hotel suites? Click here!

Room Amenities - Crown Plaza

All rooms are non-smoking with free WiFi cable channels, coffee/tea maker, refrigerator room service, hair dryer, blackout drapes/curtains, iron/ironing board, desk, in room safe and phone.

Standard Room        

Standard rooms are approximately 350 square feet with either two double beds or a King size bed with a pull-out sofa.

    Number of occupants Package Rate Per Person
Includes Two-Nights
Friday & Saturday
Package Rate Per Person
Includes Three-Nights
Thursday, Friday & Saturday

  1 $238 $357
  2 $119 $179
  3 $99 $149
  4 $92 $138

  Additional Preferences:

Select your room's bed configuration preference:

Most rooms on the quiet floors have king size beds. Since the number of rooms with two double beds are not that plentiful, if you choose single occupancy you will automatically be assigned a king bed. If you are rooming with someone with whom you can share a bed, we would appreciate your selecting the king bed rather than the two double bed option. Thank you for your understanding.

Single King

Two Doubles.

No Preference.

The NERFA conference administration will do their best to satisfy your request.

ROOM TYPE - Check one:

We wish to request a Guerrilla Showcase room. Although showcase rooms are more plentiful than before, first priority is still given where multiple acts are involved. NOTE: There is a $25 charge to register each Guerrilla Showcase time slot (5 available over three days) which includes a listing in the program book. Please see the "NERFA Showcase Overview" article and the Guerrilla Showcase Registration form for more information.

Late Night

We are NOT showcasing in our room, but wish to be in a late night music area to play music with our friends.


We wish to have our room located on a quiet floor where no late night music will be permitted.

Special Needs:

If you have specific out of the ordinary rooming needs not covered on this form and wish to communicate directly with our hotel liaison your can write to here directly at

  Continue to review your reservation

Clicking the CONTINUE button below will verify your submissions and check to make sure the people you have added above have already been registered for the conference but have not already paid their room reservation. If you have registered the folks above and their registration is currently in the NERFA shopping cart, they will be considered registered and will be accepted for the hotel room.

Follow the directions on the next screen.  You will have a chance to review your data, select whether you want to edit your hotel form information or add the hotel registration to the NERFA shopping cart as is.

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