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Immediately following the Formal Showcases on Friday and Saturday nights during the 23rd Annual NERFA Conference in Stamford, CT, attendees will shuffle between four rooms to enjoy juried 15-minute Semi-Formal Showcases (formerly known as tricentrics and quadcentrics).

Artists selected from among more than 210 applicants for these newly renamed showcases are (in alphabetical order by group or last name): Clint Alphin, Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches, Emily Barnes, Lisa Bastoni, The Beck Sisters, Bethlehem and Sad Patrick, The Black Feathers, Sophie Buskin, Meghan Cary, Shawna Caspi, Dave Curley, Dunham Shoe Factory, Friction Farm, Abbie Gardner, Vance Gilbert, Sharon Goldman, Hoot and Holler, Alice Howe, Greg Klyma, Erika Kulnys, Abigail Lapell, Rod MacDonald, Austin MacRae, Mama’s Broke, Mike McKenna Jr., Paddy Mills, Zoe Mulford, Emily Mure, Musique a bouches,  No Good Sister, NUA, Piedmont Bluz, Poor Man’s Gambit, Elaine Romanelli, The Small Glories, Christine Sweeney, Robinson Treacher, Ernest Troost,  Josh White Jr., and Brad Yoder Duo. Half of these artists will showcase their talents on Friday night, Nov. 10, while the other half will do so on Saturday night, Nov. 11.

Named as Alternates for the Semi-Formal showcases are Meaghan Blanchard, Gabrielle Louise, The Malvinas, Alastair Moock, and Katherine Rondeau and the Show.

Note: Dave Curley, Rod MacDonald (with Mark Dann) and Mama’s Broke were offered Semi-Formal Showcases slots having been selected as alternates for the Formal Showcases that precede them.

As previously reported, NERFA’s Formal Showcase artists (in alphabetical order) are Bettman & Halpin, Mari Black and The World Fiddle Ensemble, The Andrew Collins Trio, Elage Diouf, The Early Mays, Emma’s Revolution, The End of America, Martin Kerr, Kirsten Maxwell, David Roth, Ryanhood, Sloan Wainwright, Dan Weber, and Beth Wood.

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